AGM Minutes 2016

Lo Crispin Residents Cultural Association 7th AGM Minutes


The 7th Annual General Meeting of the Lo Crispin Residents Cultural Association took place on Friday 15th April starting at 10-30 am in The Tavern Inn, Lo Crispin.


The President opened the meeting at 10-35 am by thanking and welcoming all those members that attended.

He then outlined the Agenda for the meeting, he continued with Agenda item 1 which was the Presidents Address.




The President began by stating that the Association had had another very good year which had attracted many new members, many of whom were from other urbanisations and villages as well as new residents of Lo Crispin.


The events of last year were all very well attended and many sold out well before the day of the event. The ever popular Car Rally attracted over 90 participants with a total of 23 cars.


A new event was trialled for the first time during the last year, namely the members  Free Christmas Party, which followed our very special Carol Service outside The Tavern. Another event trialled during the year was a Murder Mystery Evening held at the Centro Rural de Algorfa, This again proved a hit and will be repeated during the coming Year.


Many day trips and outings were arranged throughout the year as well as an extremely well attended 4 day break to Barcelona. Our main fundraising event of the year was our Summer Fete which raised enough money to enable us to take 35 children from Local Care Homes for a fabulous day out to Terra Mitica, in Benedorm. In addition €500 was presented to the Torrevieja Alzheimer’s Association last year and a further €500 will be presented to them after the AGM.

This coming year the Association has again organised many events for both Members and guests to enjoy. There will be at least one event each month, Some of the special events planned are A Talent Night, A Special Showtime Cabaret Night and another Murder Mystery Night. The 4 day break this year is planned to go to Segovia.


Changes have been made to the Committee whereby each Committee Member is delegated specific tasks , which will streamline our organisation.


The President asked members for their views  and comments and he stated that members suggestions are always welcome.




Mr Syd Kingston gave his Financial Statement and stressed to all present that any Member who wishes to view the Accounts at any time are most welcome to do so either at the end of the meeting or at any other time. After presenting the report and Statement, members questions were invited and answered. A copy accounts are available for members from the treasurer.

A vote was taken to except the accounts for the period May 2015 to April 2016. This was approved unanimously.

The President concluded this item by thanking The treasurer for his diligence and hard work.




The President stated that the Association has for the past 6 years supported 2 local charities each year. This year the members were invited to propose charities for this year and as a result three charities were nominated. They were:  Elche Childrens Home,  Torrevieja Alzheimer’s Association and the Special needs Children’s School in Torrevieja.

Votes were taken to choose two charities. The charities that will be supported by the Association this year are the Torrevieja Alzhimer’s Association and the Special Needs Children’s School in Torrevieja.




The President stated that it had been proposed to change the name of the Association from LO CRISPIN RESIDENTS CULTURAL ASSOCIATION to something that better reflects the fact that we now have many members from the surrounding areas.

The Proposal was to change the Name to LO CRISPIN AND DISTRICT CULTURAL ASSOCIATION.

After a brief discussion a vote was taken to change the Name and this was passed Unanimously.




The President stated that he had not received any nominations for the post of President and he asked if there were any nominations from those present. As there were no nominees the President stated that he would remain in office for a further period if the members wished. A vote was taken and he was unanimously elected for a further period.

Mrs Christine Jones was nominated for the post of Vice President and after a vote she was unanimously elected to serve as Vic President.

Mr Syd Kingston was also elected unanimously for the post of Treasurer. The serving Committee , with the exception of Mrs Patricia Walker  and Mrs Jenny Tinkler,  all agreed to serve for a further year. Mrs Christine Pratt volunteered to serve on the Committee and all were accepted to serve as the committee members for the period April 2016 to April 2017.


The Officers of the Association are:   President   Mr Colin Ranson

Vice President  Mrs Christine Jones

Treasurer   Mr Syd Kingstone

The Committee Members are:             Mr John Henderson, Mr Steve Harrington,

Mr John Pratt, Mrs Christine Pratt,

Mr Mike Cooper, Mrs Yvette Cooper and

Mrs Sandra Piddock.

The President thanked those Members that had served on the Committee for their hard work and dedication and welcomed new members to the Committee.

As there was no other business the meeting was declared closed at 11-15am.



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