AGM Minutes 2012

Lo Crispin Residents Cultural Association

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 10th April 2012. First Call 10-30 am


Agenda:                1.  Presidents address

                              2. To present and discuss the accounts and expenditure for the year

                              May 2011 to April 1st 2012.

3.      To review and discuss the proposed budget for the year May 2011 to April 2012.

4.      To present and discuss proposals as follows:

a.     To spend up to €6000 to improve the gardens to the right of the first roundabout on the entrance to Lo Crispin.

b.     To reduce the annual subscription to €10 each and to offer a further €2 discount to members if they introduce a new member who joins the Association.

5.      To discuss future plans and events for the coming year.



Welcoming address by the President.


On behalf of myself and the Committee of the Association I would like to welcome and thank you all for attending today for what is our  third AGM. I especially extend a  warm welcome to those of  you who have come along this morning to find out more about the Association and I will endeavour to explain how and why the Association came about and what it has and hopes to achieve in the future.

The idea of forming a Residents Association came from the Alcaldi of Algorfa,after a meeting was arranged between the Presidents and the Representatives from the Town Hall to discuss various problems that had occurred following the opening of the Tavern Bar. After what was described as a very fruitful meeting, the Presidents at the time decided to investigate the forming of the Association.

During the following six months the steering group had formed a Committee, who’s first task was to decide on the aims of the Association and agree on a written Constitution which along with a whole host of other paperwork was presented to the Alicante Office de Gestion Tributaria. The Lo Crispin Residents Association became fully legal in May 2010.

The Association has 3 main aims and these are:

·        To raise funds to improve facilities on Lo Crispin.

·        To organise social events and outings for it’s members and guests.

·        Raise monies for Local Charities.

We have successfully achieved all these aims and you will soon be seeing the first of what we hope will be a number of improvements to the Urbanisation, namely the improvements to the garden areas, subject to approval of the motion to be discussed at this meeting. During each year we have a large number of diverse and enjoyable outings and other events, such as coach trips, days out, hotel stays and much more which are arranged for members and guests at discounted rates. We have some sort of event every month.

The Association Committee also organise  a number of fund raising events as well as the hugely successful annual Lo Crispin Fiesta which to date has raised over €5000 for local charities.

Each member pays an annual subscription which is solely used to provide funds to improve facilities on the urbanisation and is not used for any other purpose.

 Additional funds are raised by various means such as raffles and draws and the annual Lo Crispin Fiesta. Any profits from these events are divided equally between the Association and local charities. The coach trips and other events are self financing and are paid for by those attending.

The Association has a Committee consisting of The President, a Vice President, a  Secretary, and a Treasurer, additionally we have up to a further 6 Committee members. All of those I have mentioned are volunteers and do not receive payment of any kind. Membership of the Association is open to anyone over the age of 16yrs and they do not have to live on Lo Crispin urbanisation.

Last year we celebrated our second successful year and we can expect more of the same.  The August Fiesta that we organise and hold on the play area each year is becoming very well known in the area and has been attended by a large number of people, and the Committee have already been busy organising this years event which we promise will be an enjoyable one. The plan is to combine a professional Medieval Market consisting of over 40 stalls , along with our normal fiesta which will really put Lo Crispin on the map. Plans are well advanced and discussions have been held with the Town Hall who have given us the green light. Due to the fact that the Market can only be booked for a minimum of 3 days it has been agreed to hold this years Fiesta on 10th,11th and 12th August. There will be the normal attractions of TKO radio and a host of entertainers as well as other types of entertainments.  Make a note of the dates because you will not want to miss this years event.

The Algorfa children’s charity and social services of Algorfa received a further donation of over €1000 from the Association at Christmas which was used to provide needy families with new clothes for the children and hampers for those less fortunate than us.

The annual car rally and treasure hunt attracted 70 entrants who enjoyed a pleasant trip around the local countryside, some taking in more of the countryside than others. It culminated in us all enjoying Sunday lunch at the Hotel Montemar in La Marina village .

 We have already had our first coach outing of the year, where 50 members enjoyed a day out in Cartegena and the Mining Park of La Union. the quaint fishing port of Caba Los Pallios was also visited on the day.

Later this month on the 25th April, the Association has organised another great day out, this time to Altea and the Jallon Valley. The trip will include a visit to the cave of skulls and also lunch will be taken at the famous Monroe’s Carvery, great value at just €20 for members and €23 for non members. We still have 12 places left on this trip,  if you want to join us then see us after the meeting.

A 3 day trip has been arranged for 20th-22nd May where we will be visiting Cuenca and Albarracin. We will be staying at a lovely  hotel in beautiful surroundings with full board. And will also include an excursion on the 21st May. There are limited places on this trip and it will be strictly first come first served. All inclusive price of €139 each.

Advertising the Association is the key to a success and to this end we now have a new Look Website that is being launched today. The newly designed site allows members to book places on trips and to leave suggestions and ideas. The website address is    This site has been re-designed and sponsored by Terry                     and I would like to thank  him for this most generous gesture.  A demonstration of the site will be given at the end of the meeting.

Another direction that the Association Committee will be looking at in the near future is to compile a list of volunteers who could offer help to those members who need urgent help or guidance. We will require volunteer drivers, interpreters and carers etc. If you would like to volunteer to help in this regard , please let us know.

The Committee will keep you informed of any progress we make.

We are a very active organisation who regularly liaise  with the Town Hall and the Local Police and as the largest Association in Algorfa we are held in high esteem with in these organisations.

The Committee work hard to try to give the members what they want and are always  pleased to hear any suggestions that you, the members may have.

For those of you who are not already members I hope that the introduction that you have just heard has inspired you to join so that we may continue to achieve our objectives and aims, if this is the case then you can join the Association today after the meeting is closed. Membership renewals and coach bookings will also be taken at this time.

Before we move on to the next item on the agenda I would like to thank the whole Committee for their hard work and dedication throughout the last year, without which we could not operate, Finally we the Committee, congratulate and thank you, the members and indeed the many non members who have given their support during the last year. We look forward to your help and support in the coming year. Thank you.

Agenda Item 1.


Approval of Accounts from April 2011 to April 2012


Our treasurer, Mr Syd Kingston will present the accounts and on completion members will be given the opportunity to ask questions. The accounts will be available for members at the end of the meeting.

On completion of presentation and questions,vote on accepting the accounts for the period April 2011 – April 2012.


Votes in Favour  ………………..              Votes against……………………..


Agenda item 2


Proposed Budget Forecast for the year April 2012 -2013


The proposed budget for the coming year is difficult to determine exactly, however we do plan to spend up to €6000 on the refurbishment of the gardens if approved shortly. We expect to receive approximately €2000 from annual memberships. In addition the August Fiesta will generate approximately €5000, however we will have to finance the whole event this year as the Algorfa Town Hall cannot subsidise the Fiesta this year due to the economic climate. That said we expect that the Fiesta will raise a large profit. We also expect to raise further funds from draws and other events.

Members questions


Vote to accept the budget for April 2011 to April 2012


Votes in Favour ………………………                Votes Against …………………….




Agenda Item 3


Proposal to spend up to €6000 on refurbishing the gardens to the right of the first roundabout on entrance to Lo Crispin.

Proposed by the Committee


The refurbishment will consist of preparing the ground and laying a membrane over the gardens prior to covering the gardens with coloured stones. We will require a number of volunteers to help carry out this work. Permission to carry out this work has been approved by the Town Hall if approved at this meeting.

Questions from the Floor:


Vote on Proposal.


Votes in Favour ……………………..       Votes against ………………………



Agenda Item 4


Proposal to reduce the Annual membership fee from €12 per member per year to €10 per year and to offer a further €2 reduction if a member introduces a new member to join the Association.

Proposed by The Committee

It was felt that we should endeavour to attract more members to the Association to replace those that have returned to the UK. It was also felt that we should encourage more residents to join the Association as one of our main aims is to raise funds to improve Lo Crispin.  By reducing the membership fee we should increase the membership.

Questions from the Floor.

Vote on Proposal.

Votes in Favour …………………..                  Votes Against ……………………..


Agenda Item 5


To Elect Officers and Committee members for the coming year.


As per the requirements of the Constitution of the Association , members are required to elect the following Officers of the Association who are elected to serve for a period of 3 years.

                            President:    Presently held by Colin Ranson

                            Vice President:  Post temporarily vacant

                            Treasurer:    Post presently held by Antonia Ramball

                            Treasurer:    Post presently held by Syd Kingston.

As the Officers have served only 2 years there is no requirement to hold elections at this time. However following the sad death of our Vice President,Graham McKenna,

we now require to elect a Vice President.

We have one nomination for the post of Vice President, Mrs Trisha Walker, who has served on the Committee for the last 2 years and who is a very keen and active member of the Association. There have been no other nominations and unless there are any  from the floor then I will propose that we accept Trish as the new Vice President. If there is any other nomination then an election will be held.

Votes in Favour …………………..   Votes Against ………………………..



Committee members are elected from the members Annually, therefore volunteers are required to serve on the committee for the following year.

Committee Members may chose to continue to serve for a further year.


The following ,Committee members have volunteered to serve for a further year

Tony Hands,

Jenny Tinkler

Chris Bates

We therefore require a further 3 nominees to form a Committee


Call for volunteers.


Vote on accepting Committee Members.


Votes in Favour ……………….        Votes Against……………………..



Future Plans and Events


I have already given you an insight into future trips and events and we will update the website as we organise further events throughout the year.

I mentioned  earlier that we are planning to include a Help Group for members so that if a member requires help or assistance we as an Association can assist. We plan to have a list of volunteers who would be willing to give some time and effort to make this scheme work. We will require drivers, hospital visitors, translators and anyone else who would be willing to help others. If you wish to help please let us know asap and we will get this worthwhile project up and running.

We also require volunteers to help with the refurbishment of the gardens and further volunteers to help during the 3 day Fiesta in August.

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to Terry who will give you a brief preview of  the new look website  and he will no doubt answer any questions you have regarding the site.

If you haven’t renewed your membership already or you would like to join the Association then I would like to remind you all that membership fees are now due and these can be paid to the Treasurer after the meeting. 

I will now open the meeting to ANY OTHER BUISINESS however you are reminded that we cannot vote on proposals that are presented during any other business.

Before closing the meeting the Committee strive to give the members what they want so if there is an activity or trip that you think should be included in your Association ,such as Spanish Lessons, Coffee Mornings etc. then please let us know and we will investigate your ideas and include them if possible.

Thank you for your attendance today and we look forward to welcoming new and existing members to the many activities and events that we will be holding throughout the coming years. Let all your friends know about your Association.

Thank you again and I now close the meeting..







join us for great day's out