Association AGM Agenda March 23rd


9th Annual General Meeting Agenda 2018

Meeting to be held in the Lo Crispin Tavern on the 23rd March 10.30am for 11.00am start


  1.     Presidents Address         

 2.   Receipt, approval and adoption of a statement of accounts to              the end of the preceding financial year   

3.    Election of Association Officers – President, Vice President,  Treasurer and Secretary (after 3 years in office).                                            A)    Nomination(s) Required for President.                                                     B)   Nomination(s) Required for Vice President.                                           C)   Nomination(s) Required for Secretary.                                                       D)  No nomination required for Treasurer as Syd Kingston is willing            to stay on in this position.

  1. Election of Committee members for the Association, as per the constitution 6 members are required.                                                         Officers and members of the Committee will be eligible and assumed to be standing for re-election unless the Secretary is advised otherwise no less than 14 days before the AGM.

A quorum for the AGM shall be 20% of the members.

       Note; all members of the present Committee are willing to stay                          apart from John & Christine Pratt. They are moving to                                 another location and reluctantly have to resign from the                             committee. I am sure we wish them all the very best for the                      future and thank them for their hard work on our behalf                            and that of the association.

5.  Consideration and fixing of level of subscription (if any) for the          next year – as per the constitution section 11

  1. Propose the charities we wish to donate to for the coming year.  Charities Already proposed but not restricted to, are                        A) Alpe Special School                                                                                                  B)  Algorfa Infant School                                                                                          C) Individual in need of assistance as approved by the Committee                 
  1.   Approval of Revision 1 of “Lo Crispin and District Cultural       Association” Constitution

 8.  AOB



New Home Health Care Service Presentation Thursday 15th March 2018 in the Tavern Lo Crispin 11.00am

NEW HOME HEALTH CARE SERVICE 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The services of the card Health Premium Services include:

·        Home health care service

·        Home nursing care service

·        Ambulance service

·        Priority service for medical appointments

·        10% discount on all private medical and surgical services

·        Access to the prevention campaigns program

·        Care of international health personnel who speaks languages

·        Free benefits

·        Management of appointments and digital Access to your clinical reports comfortably from home through the Patient Portal

·        Preferential admission service

join us for great day's out